QuickDrain Rewards

Claim Procedures


You must submit invoices with qualifying QuickDrain products you sell to consumers by faxing to: 800-501-3989, e-mail to: admin@qdrewards.com, or uploading through the website.

Fill out the Claim Form.

Attach copies of Sales Invoices. Each sales invoice must include the following information:

  1. Invoice Number
  2. Invoice Date
  3. Customer Ship Date
  4. Customer Name and Address
  5. Product sold, SKU #, Price and Quantity

Checks will be issued by MarketNet Associates, the program administrator for the QuickDrain Rewards Program. Checks will be mailed every 2 weeks. You will be able to see your accumulated rewards summary on the website when you login.

W-9 form must be filled out prior to checks being issued to you.
The forms are available at www.qdrewards.com or call 866-553-3684 to request one.
1099s are issued only if your rewards exceed $600.